To enter LUZIO is to travel to a new aesthetic universe on the way between originality, the highest quality, contemporaneity and exuberance.

An oasis of elegance in which to lose yourself and marvel at decorative objects, fashion accessories, extraordinary furniture, art pieces, floral creations and even a gastronomic corner. The staging has been one of the obsessions of its creators, ensuring that the client can imagine the combination of different styles and origins, in a surprising and seductive mix. In an aesthetic review of recent years, LUZIO has welcomed various decorative elements, from the mix of vintage pieces, or a more colonial style.

At present, natural elements are used such as pieces of Asian wood that regain a second life in LUZIO, or of more sophisticated styles, coming from different corners of the world. Always breaking the established schemes and providing unique and different mergers.



Thomas Danthony is a French artist who established his studio in London in 2012 before moving his practice to Barcelona in 2020. His work spans from canvas paintings to commissions for international clients.

His work has been exhibited in galleries around the world as well as seen on book covers, posters, magazines, large scale murals and global advertising campaigns. He has self published several of his works in the form of limited edition prints and artists books. Recent commissions include the cover of the New York Times book review, a series of architectural screen-prints for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and a textile pattern for ethical bathing suits brand, Arrels. Clients include; The Royal Mail, The New Yorker, Arte, Hennessy, The English National Opera and Penguin, to name a few.

He is currently developing a new series of paintings on canvas, which while remaining figurative are approaching subjects in a pure graphic manner. Using a simplified visual language allows him to evoke poetic imaginary encounters, keeping a lot of space for interpretation by the viewer. The paintings are made on raw linen where the uneven texture balances the precision of the methodical execution. Thomas approaches canvas as objects, dedicating as much importance to small texture details as to finding the right colour hue or shaping it’s forms.

lara casafreda


Lara Costafreda works by developing illustration projects and creative direction for publications, brands, and agencies internationally. At the same time, she promotes social impact projects related to immigration, racism, peace culture, environmentalism, and social justice, among others.

As an illustrator, her ecologically based work is a love letter to nature. She has worked for brands such as Chanel, Hermès, Amnesty International, and Vogue Magazine, among many others.

As an artistic activist, she participates in the creation of projects that address urgent societal issues, taking advantage of the different tools, processes, and spaces offered by the design and visual communication system to create artistic projects capable of generating a real and positive impact on a specific aspect of society. The Volem Acollir (Welcome Refugees) campaign, the Top Manta clothing brand of the Barcelona street vendors, and the transformation of the radiotherapy treatment plant at Lleida Hospital are a few examples.



We, the founders of El Recibidor, were born in the 70’s and we are fascinated by the splendorous 50’s and the good vibes of the 60’s. Three decades that stir up our passion for the “Mid Century Modern”, a movement characterized by the subtle elegance of its nature-inspired lines, without neglecting the functionality and use of high quality materials. Take a look at our careful selection of these pieces, provided in perfect condition, recovering the splendor of its former glory. Original furniture, lighting and decorative accessories of the time (design classics but also lesser-known pieces) as well as a select range of newly created products that recall the past. We don’t want you to entice into any particular trend, but we want you to surround yourself with pieces that make you happy, and if besides that, you help the environment by increasing its lifetime, your happiness means the planet’s happiness too.