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These are the Key Color Trends 2023 that will be highly popular.

Digital Lavender. 

The purple pastel brings out softer tones that blend with low-key arrangements, the sequins of Lavender will give you a fresh take on Disco and risque, blending digital escapism with reality.

Sundial, Pantone Topaz. 

The warmest color trend for the year 2023, you’ll see the most interior design elements inspired by this, incomplete without a tone that celebrates groundedness, earthy and neutral tones.

Sundial is a gorgeous blend of gold, brown, and beige that can look ideal for any situation, however, while styling adding a few pieces to your capsule wardrobe will add a little fresh take on neutral while also being relevant.

Luscious Red, Pantone Bittersweet

A pop of color, Luscious red is perfect for the trendy being who likes being bold. You can definitely add this color to bring couture looks, and offbeat interiors to add a tinge of color and create statements. Representing empowerment and passion, returning color trend is key to the upcoming years, post covid especially.

Tranquil Blue

A blend of aqua and marine tones, Tranquil brings peace and serenity to the chaos we’ve been, in our minds! Very likely associated with sustainability and lightness Definitely, a color to incorporate for beachy vibes, other than outfits you can also add wall arts and little decors that compliment your interiors.

Verdigris, Pantone Fanfare

Another close to nature, Tranquil blue and Verdigris, a family of greens that can be blended together as color-blocked pieces still keeping the theme cool. It is another way to incorporate tropical prints and hues into your wardrobe and interiors. You might see outwear and sportswear brands acing the trend like never before.

What’s your favorite one?

Author: Shrestha Brahma – THE FASHION FRILL